19 January,1986


I, LRH, Commodore, am hereby assuming the rank of ADMIRAL.

The rank of COMMODORE IS RETIRED FROM ACTIVE SERVICE in the Sea Organization at this time. As we move on up the track the Commodore rank will be reinstated as will be needed.

A new rank of LOYAL OFFICER is created directly above the rank of Captain

Pat Broeker is hereby promoted to the first LOYAL OFFICER rank.

Annie Broeker is hereby promoted as the second LOYAL OFFICER.

There are several Sea Org Officers they will want to promote.

The SEA ORGANIZATION will always be the Sea Organization, no matter that we may leave the surface of this planet when we’re finished and operate on others (hopefully not too many devoid of seas – joke) and no matter what we will operate, in general, throughout of universe – solid, liquid, gaseous, and yes, – there are other states of matter, which are ours for the taking because nobody else seems to know about them.

I’ll be scouting the way and doing the first port survey mission. I expect your continuing backup. You’ve got a little under a billion left on your current hitch, and it is hoped you will sign up again – veterans are valuable!

So, there it is. You know what to do. You know how to do it. Hold the form of the S.O.! You’ve got the watch!!

I will be in comm.

We will meet again later.


3 thoughts on “LOYAL OFFICERS

  1. Rey, this attempt to restimulate others whole track case so that you can form a new cult around yourself is absurd.

    You say in the video that you are conferring “loyal officer” status on people! Are you Pat Broeker in disguise? Annie is dead by the way.

    The Sea Org was the worst thing that ever happened to the technology and philosophy called scientology. The Sea Org is what turned something workable into a cult. The Sea Org was inspired by the worst of Hubbards unhandled case.


    Read Ken Urquharts “Considerations on A Piece of Blue Sky” http://www.freezoneearth.org/ivy/bluesky/index.htm where he also mentions the failure to handle massive errors in Hubbards handling and correction of his own case.

    And then maybe re-examine the provenance of the document you are acting on. Who did it benefit? Mankind? No, Pat Broeker.

    What you are doing is diverting people from the bridge to dramatize an old whole track game. Scientology will be just fine, and in fact better off with out the Sea Org or new cults in its valence.

  2. Well all I have to say is, that freezone and independent Scientologists should focus on their practice of Scentology principles and the auditing and case supervising and training.

    In the future, the status of Loyal Officer, if LRH wants those to have it, then let him assign it, when he comes back, or when you are with him, in some future setting.

    And in the meantime, do the tech, if that is what you want to do.

    That’s my suggestion.

    The status labeling of yourselves as Loyal Officers, to me is not necessary, if you do the tech excellently.

    I’m not a Scientologist, nor do I promote the tech, but I think if you want to do what LRH wanted of you, that you would be doing the right thing by NOT focusing on labeling yourselves Loyal Officers, but instead labeled yourselves auditors and case supervisors who were getting excellent results.

  3. They are lying. Both David Miscavige and Pat Broeker are lying about LRH’s final days. I think it’s quite obvious.

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