The Loyal Officers Mission

  1. Keepers of technologies of Scientology and Dianetics and other such practices that has been developed from the original tech.
  2. To protect technical practitioners, counselors, auditors etc. who practice the original tech of Scientology and Dianetics.
  3. LOs do not engage in political activities of any kind or unlawful activities, including abetting causes, petty fraud, and personal vengeance.
  4. They have dedicated themselves to the above task, with the use of ethics tech. and admin.
  5. They are indeed “soldiers of light” – LRH, Ole Doc Methuselah.
  6. The LOs are also modeled after the ancient beings of over 76 million years ago that were quite loyal to their planets in which they came from. They were loyal to the people, not a religious ideology or political org. or person, but to the beings that inhabited their planet.
  7. Their product was protection and wellness of their planet.
  8. Today’s mission is to help undo what was done to their home planet and home universe.

Loyal Officers Headquarters, Reno NV, 2007

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